New York is a huge city that just needs to be devoured during your stay. But, which says big city says many districts and therefore many possibilities of housing. Today I present you the best neighborhoods and addresses to know where to sleep in New York!

Where to sleep in New York?

There are plenty of nice places to stay in New York. Between Upper West Side, Midtown, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Times Square,… There will necessarily be something for every taste, and also for every budget 🙂

Central Park

In concrete terms, first of all, the different sites to be monitored for housing in New York:

  • Findhotel, a reference for hotel reservations, offers a special page for all hotels in New York, here is the direct link: Hotels in New York. I advise you to look at it carefully, sometimes you will find real pearls.
  • Airbnb offers the same as the two sites given above. The site is better known so there is more choice but prices are also a little higher in general 🙂
  • Hostelworld is the reference for finding youth hostels. You can book beds in dormitories but also private rooms and all this for a much lower cost than hotels.

So you have the main solutions to find accommodation, all I have to do is offer you different options according to your budgets. ANYWAY, BOOK YOUR HOTEL OR APARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE PRICES ARE SOARING VERY QUICKLY IN NEW YORK

Where to sleep cheaply in New York

I’m not going to lie to you, talking about “cheap” in New York can be seen as a nice joke since this city remains very, very expensive for tourists in terms of accommodation. But good plans can exist! In any case, around 100 euros per night.

In addition to hotel promotions to check out as regularly as possible (here is the link again), I advise you to sleep in the Brooklyn and Queens areas. Of course, we are not in Manhattan, but we are saving a lot of money and we can find ourselves in the middle of Times Square in just 20 minutes by subway. Frankly the best plan for a small budget. These neighbourhoods are simply huge, so I advise you to take a hotel or apartment as close as possible to a metro stop. And yes, no matter how much we have an apartment in Brooklyn, it can really be far from everything if we don’t look carefully… The same goes for Queens.

If you really want to save money on accommodation, I advise you to book in a youth hostel, the Hostelworld website has a lot of addresses so check it out 😉

Here is a small selection for these two districts:

The NY Moore Hostel

The NY Moore Hostel is a really cheap youth hostel since the night can cost you only 25€ in a dormitory or 80€ for a private room that can accommodate 3 people (which is 40€/person if you travel with 2 friends, unbeatable price in New York). You also have all the advantages of a hostel with free wifi and a common room to meet other travellers. To get to the centre, there are several subway stations nearby such as Flushing Avenue with Line M which takes you directly to Central Park via south Manhattan.

The Local NYC

This youth hostel in Long Island City, Queens is super well located, the interior is beautiful and very well maintained. However, it does not have many private rooms, so you have to do it well in advance if you want to find one.

Le Pointe Plaza Hotel

South of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Pointe Plaza Hotel is a great choice for smaller budgets that want to visit New York. The room costs at least 122€ with wifi, breakfast and free shuttle to the biggest tourist places included. It is located 5 minutes from Flushing Av station with Line G crossing Brooklyn to Queens and 10 minutes from Flushing Avenue with Line M taking you to Manhattan.

And, of course, we must not forget the apartment rentals such as Wimdu, which we have already mentioned and which offers a very large number of apartments at less than 100 euros per night, which is a little cheaper than hotels. For me, this remains the real good plan for small budgets. 🙂

Where to sleep on an average budget in New York

By average budget to sleep in New York, we are talking about 200 euros per night. And, good news, we can hope to have hotels rather well located at this rate. Of course, I invite you once again to consult the list of hotels on offer, because you may well have an exceptional hotel that will fit into your budget depending on the promotions.

With an average budget, I advise you to check out the offers in the Upper East Side/Upper West Side, East Village, Lower East Side, not to mention the very hipster and trendy Williamsburg neighbourhood in Brooklyn. I had the chance to stay there, and it’s really a neighborhood I love in New York (see the article on this subject). Here is a list of hotels I recommend (click on the hotel in question if you are interested):

Pod 51

Located east of Midtown, Pod 51 Hotel is the perfect choice to be in the centre on an average budget. It is not far from Timesquare or Central Park and the 3 subway lines that pass by will take you to the rest of the city. Its little something extra? It has a roof terrace with a very nice view 🙂 If you like the atmosphere of the hotel but there is no more space, you can try the Pod 39 which is right next door and is in the same style.

Wolcott Hotel

Wolcott Hotel is located between Midtown and Lower Manhattan, next to several subway stations (a mandatory requirement in my opinion). It is also next to tourist attractions and you can even have a room with a view of the Empire State Building. A small negative point though: wifi is not free.

Hotel Newton is an excellent choice if you want to reside on the Upper West Side and therefore be close to Central Park once again. About 200 euros per night, but can be much cheaper on promotion (less than 150 euros per night for a double room, a golden offer!).

The Redbury New York is a hotel with an original decoration that also has the advantage of being two blocks from the Empire State Building, the Korean district, Madison Square Park and two subway stations (28 St and 23st)… quite a lot no ? 🙂 Wifi is included but breakfast is charged.

Between 100 and 200 euros per night, you can especially start to have a real apartment in the New York style ultra well located. I really advise you to choose this option, I have been travelling this way for 3 years and it is the best value for money and by far.

Where to sleep in New York on a large budget

If you have great savings with you to sleep in New York, here is a list of dream hotels that will delight everyone without a doubt:

The Benjamin

The Benjamin is ideally located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, less than 10 minutes walk from the legendary Grand Central Station and the unmissable Rockefeller Center. Spa services, rooms with kitchen and of course a restaurant on site.

JW Marriott Essex House

Quite frankly a perfect location because facing the legendary Central Park, the luxury hotel JW Marriott Essex House offers elegant restaurants, a full-service spa, a 24-hour sports hall and rooms equipped with custom-made furniture. In short, the pure dream. Here is the direct link that should make you cry with envy.

How can we not finish this selection with a real institution located in the heart of 5th Avenue, The Plaza. This 5* hotel is impeccable from start to finish, there are even the latest iPads in all rooms. The American style class, which will only be accessible to the largest budgets since it costs more than 700 euros per night (there are sometimes offers but the night still costs at least 500€). Is that the case for you?

I hope you now know a little more about where to sleep in New York and that this selection will help you make your choice for a stay that should be unforgettable in the big apple.

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